Josephyl has thrown the spanner in the wheel on the Kenyan music scene with ‘Achibella’,  a scorching collabo he performed with Gengetone kingpins Exray Taniua, GJB100 and Teslah!

Now out on Spotify and other digital platforms, ‘Achibella’is a scintillating dancehall jam that returns Josephyl to the limelight of the Kenyan music industry.

This studio project is already testimony to the fact that although he started out small, Josephyl is leaving an enduring imprint on the Kenyan music scene.

‘Achibella’ is the kind of jam that causes palpitations for everyone who sets out to listen to it, because the song sparks dancehall explosions wherever and  whenever it is played.

Thanks to Josephyl’s unique creativity, plus unparalleled talent and unwavering commitment to his craft, ‘Achibella’ is stirring sweet sensations for everyone who comes across it, reason why several fans have since taken to streaming it widely on Spotify.

With ‘Achibella’ and many of his other songs, Josephyl continues to leave a blazing trail on the Kenyan music landscape, thanks to  his exceptional artistic vision.

Simply tap the link above to stream ‘Achibella’ on Spotify, although the song is also available on other  digital platforms and is soon debuting on YouTube!

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