Ghanaian rapper AGS Remedy, who has out a fresh video titled ‘Ohemaa’, contends that all African women are angels.

AGS Remedy goes out of his way to assert that when he doesn’t see an angel every time he looks at an African woman, then it will be a queen or empress he looks at!

With ‘Ohemaa’, AGS Remedy unleashes an illustrious glorification of African women that has never been witnessed before anywhere in the world.

Through this song, AGS Remedy ultimately declares to the whole world that the African woman is so different from all other women and can only be likened to a goddess!

‘Ohemaa’ is a song that is fast-becoming a sensational vibe for everyone who values the African woman and because of this, the video has so far garnered over 23K YouTube views and is still counting.

Go stream ‘Ohemaa’ on YouTube by tapping the link above, for, only then will you understand that just like AGS Remedy does, we all need to celebrate the African woman.

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