Gifted rapper AGS Remedy is rocking the entertainment scene in Ghana with his new massive tune dubbed ‘Ohemaa’, which is attracting attention from all parts of the country.

A song that is doing rounds on airwaves and booming at several night clubs in Accra, Kumasi and other parts of Ghana, ‘Ohemaa’, which means ‘queen’ or ‘empress’, has prompted thousands of people to turn their focus onto AGS Remedy as one of the new generation artists that are taking Ghanaian music to the rest of the world.  

This is because although he has over time produced several songs, everybody is talking about ‘Ohemaa’, including haters and the doubters, and no one is saying anything bad about it.

Being a song that aims at empowering and inspiring women, ‘Ohemaa’ is being widely embraced by people of all ages, whereby those who don’t go to night clubs are enjoying the jam from the confines of their home and or business premises.

This clearly explains why the video has so far attracted over 23K YouTube views and still counting, because besides being just entertaining, ‘Ohemaa’ is a song that speaks directly to the heart and mind of everyone  who values the position of women in society.

 Go enjoy the video on YouTube by clicking the link above.  

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