Nothing in this world compares to the beauty of the African woman and if you doubt this, then you haven’t experienced ‘Ohemaa’, a soul-touching song by Ghanaian artist AGS Remedy.

With ‘Ohemaa’, which simply means ‘Queen’, AGS Remedy not only sings to his fans in Ghana but tends to reach out to a global audience through his poetic description of African beauty, by letting everyone know that African women are queens.

Thanks to his very captivating word play, AGS Remedy makes ‘Ohemaa’ a must-listen for everyone who has a knack for African beauty, because he produces a piece that is just too sweet for the ear drums!

A multi-talented singer and songwriter, AGS Remedy has over time been captivating audiences with his unique blend of soulful rap and dancehall tunes, a style that has deeply entrenched his brand in the hearts of thousands of his fans.

Although he has in the past released several songs, with ‘Ohemaa’ AGS Remedy sends a powerful message of empowerment and celebrating the queens and empresses in every African woman.

Don’t wait any no longer; just click the link above to check out the captivating ‘Ohemaa’ video now on YouTube and join the movement for women’s emancipation worldwide now!

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