Ghanaian dancehall star AGS Remedy is back in the mix, this time round with a jam titled ‘Ohemaa’.

‘Ohemaa’, which is a very passionate melody, officially premiered on YouTube today and is bound to send ripples throughout the Ghanaian music industry.  

This is because although he is known for churning out explosive dancehall tunes, ‘Ohemaa’ turns out to be a huge surprise from AGS Remedy, because he decides to focus on love in this song.

This is a song in which AGS Remedy pours his heart out as he sings sweet praises for a very beautiful woman (Ohemaa), whom he wants to know he can’t live without.

As an artist who is mainly known for producing militant music, often singing about life in the ghettos hustling to survive, with ‘Ohemaa’ AGS Remedy brings about a new flavor to Ghanaian music.

This is because ‘Ohemaa’ is a song that all his fans around the world will easily relate with, since love is a universal language that is understood by every warm blooded human being.  

If you are a fan of Ghanaian music or you just enjoy listening to meaningful songs, just tap the link above to stream ‘Ohemaa’ on YouTube now!

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