Cuban Reggaeton artists Alex El Father and Boy One have today premiered a brand-new album titled ‘Sound And Perfect Music’, now available on YouTube.

Despite being new to the music industry, Alex El Father and Boy One cement their presence on the Cuban entertainment scene with this album.

Their debut album features the following songs; ‘Palabras’ ft. Angel Morffy, ‘Autosuficiencia’, ‘Tiempo se para’, ‘M quina de sexo’, ‘No me digas’, ‘Tu no tienes ovio’,  ‘Eso no es amor’, ‘La ltima vez’ y ‘M  s de las’.

If you are an ardent fan of fantastic Reggaeton music then you must check out this album by all means, because you can’t fail to like any or all the tracks on this album.

From its powerful opening track to all the reflective songs on this compilation, Alex El Father and Boy One take listeners on an unforgettable journey of incredible Reggaeton jams that will leave several fans spoilt for choice.

A major breakthrough for their music career, this album will enable Alex El Father and Boy One to push their music agenda beyond the borders of Cuba to the whole of South America.

Spare a moment to tap the link so that you can stream the album on YouTube.

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