Ugandan musician Emilian Starz, who has out a sensational ballad dubbed ‘Dictionary’, is calling upon everyone to appreciate people who selflessly love and care about them.

According to Emilian Starz, it is always important to show appreciation for people who sacrifice everything in their lives, for the sake of loving others; she refers to this as the real true love.

As if to emphasize this some more, Emilian Starz says that; “Be thankful for someone who believes in you, inspires you, and helps you live your best life. That’s true love.”

Well, it is this kind of true love that she sings about in ‘Dictionary’, because according to her, a person who inspires you and helps you live your best life can best be described as your ‘living dictionary.’

No wonder thousands of her fans are already streaming this song on YouTube and digital platforms, because the message that Emilian Starz offers the world through ‘Dictionary’ is loud and clear!  

‘Dictionary’, which is already in rotation on Ugandan airwaves, will forever remain a timeless masterpiece and if you want to experience the magic this track does when you listen to it, tap the link above to stream it  on YouTube!

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