Talented Reggaeton artist Baby Young is causing shockwaves on the Cuban party scene with his dope single titled ‘Baby Juana’, which has since become a favourite for thousands of his fans.

A song that took his audience by storm, ‘ Big Juana’ has become so irresistible  that it is one of the popular jams booming at various night clubs, bars and other hangouts across Cuba.

‘Big Juana’, which is arguably Baby Young’s most successful studio project, is already sending tremors throughout the Reggaeton community, leaving fans and critics alike in awe of its emotional depth and raw honesty.

With ‘Big Juana’, Baby Young attempts to take his musical craft to an entirely new level by diving headfirst into the social life of most youth in Cuba, singing about the things that interest them most!

If anything, ‘Big Juana’ is the song that has since enabled Baby Young to find his footing in the Cuban music industry and by the look of things, he is not about to take another step back.

With over 38K YouTube views and still counting, ‘Big Juana’ positions Baby Young as one of the talented artists whose intention is taking Cuban music to the world, because it is a song that anyone anywhere around the globe can dance to.

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