Swat Matire’s latest Gengetone hit dubbed ‘Bad Girl’, which features Fathemoh and Shekina Karen, is now trending at No#06 on YouTube, with over 240K views and still counting.

However, ‘Bad Girls’, which is currently among the hottest songs in Kenya, turns out to be a dedication to slay queens.

 Believe it or not, we all know how slay queens all over the world behave and  this is the picture that Swat Matire depicts in ‘Bad Girl’.

Typical of their lifestyle, slay queens never settle down with one man and always keep juggling lovers until they get busted; this is exactly what happens to Shekina Karen after she gets accosted by Fathermoh and Swat Matire when they discover that she has been cheating on them both!

Actually, the song is an eye-opener for men all over the world to double-check before getting committed to any woman, because they may end up landing on a ‘Bad Girl’.

 With ‘Bad Girl’, Swat Matire employs his captivating storytelling art as he paints a picture of what often happens in society, especially in societies where slay queens abound.

If you have never dated a ‘Bad Girl’  or don’t know that there are Bad Girls waiting to take advantage of you,  then spare a moment to tap the link and stream the video on YouTube for a better picture of what Swat Matire is saying in this song!

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