Swat Matire’s latest jam dubbed ‘Bad Girl’, which features Fathermoh and Shekina Karen, is a story that not only depicts his versatility but also one that is easily relatable for many people.

The storyline in this music video is a depiction of what happens in people’s lives almost every day, especially for those in relationships.

The way Swat Matire vividly paints the story in the music video definitely makes the audience momentarily reflect upon their personal lives, so as to determine the kind of love life they are leading.

During the first two weeks of its release, the music video has already attracted over 389K YouTube views, which implies that the song has already sunk in well with thousands of Gengetone fans.

Swat Matire’s humility and versatility have enabled him to work with several Gengetone artists but this collabo with Fathermoh and Shekina is definitely off the hook, based on the attention the song is attracting!

Besides the thousands of fans streaming the video however, ‘Bad Girl’ also continues to reign high among the Kenyan hit songs trending on YouTube currently,  which also indicates that it has since become a favourite for many Kenyans. 

Although he has been a part of the Kenyan entertainment scene for quite some time and released a number of songs, ‘Bad Girls’ has turned out to be Swat Matire’s biggest breakthrough so far, because he is already beating many odds with this song.

To stream ‘Bad Girl’ on YouTube, all you gotta do is click the  link above.

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