Folks, you all know about Beni Boyz, that dynamic Congolese duo based in Uganda, who rattled the entertainment scene with their single ‘Fake Love’.

Well, the latest news is that after carefully piecing everything together, the Beni Boyz are set to drop the ‘Fake Love’ video any day from now!

Following this development, we have learnt that news of the upcoming release has sparked untold excitement amongst their fans both in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of  Congo (DRC), because many of them know that the Beni Boyz are synonymous with great works of art!

In ‘Fake Love’, the Beni Boyz attempt to describe how women across the world have monetized love today so much that no woman wants to love a broke man,  because many of them live by the slogan; ‘No money, no love’!

Known for their vibrant and very powerful performances,  all we  have to do is anxiously await this video to drop,  because we are sure to literary blow away everyone who encounters it!

The best thing to do right now is to click the link above so as to stream the ‘Fake Love’ lyric video on YouTube.

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