Popular band Catedral Del Son has the whole of Cuba grooving to thrilling Salsa and Rumba jams off their debut EP dubbed ‘Luna’, which they released on YouTube last week.

Their EP ‘Luna’ features a lineup of tantalizing songs that have since made Catedral Del Son the talk of Havana and other parts of Cuba, because their music is now playing on radio stations, in the streets, night clubs, bars, taxis and buses everywhere in the country.

The sizzling songs on the EP that have left almost everyone enchanted by Catedral Del Son include; ‘Luna’, ‘Que Situacion’, ‘El Chismoso’, ‘Infiel’ and ‘Se Te Nota Ok’.

The EP, which is already being streamed by thousands of fans on YouTube, has enabled Catedral Del Son make big strides in the Cuban music industry and it won’t be long before they become the talk everywhere.

 Although they have been performing in Cuba for some time, Catedral Del Son decided to become something else this year by taking their music game to another level with their EP ‘Luna’, which is a major breakthrough for  the band.

This is mainly because all the songs on their EP possess the extraordinary ability to transcend time and leave an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of their fans in Cuba.

Go stream the entire EP on YouTube by just clicking the link, now!

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