When Cuban band Catedral Del Son set out to work on their new EP dubbed ‘Luna’, little did they know that it would become as big as it is now.

With the thrilling jams off this EP, Catedral Del Son has managed to capture the hearts of thousands of fans, who are enjoying their music in all corners of Cuba.

The songs on the EP which have got thousands of Cubans grooving and heaping praises on Catedral Del Son include; ‘Luna’, ‘Que Situacion’, ‘El Chismoso’, ‘Infiel’ and ‘Se Te Nota Ok’.

With ‘Luna’, Catedral Del Son made sure that they would give their fans a package to quench the music thirst, especially after listening to all the songs on the EP.

It should be noted that not many Cuban musicians put out good quality musical compilations the way  Catedral Del Son did on this EP, reason why it has attracted over 14K YouTube views within the first two weeks of its release, which is commendable success, considering that it is their debut EP.Make sure you click the link to stream the entire EP on YouTube and we are sure you’ll appreciate what Catedral Del Son has to offer the world of Salsa, Rumba and Afro-Caribbean music.

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