Kenyan rapper Joefes, who has out a new single dubbed ‘Confirmed’, featuring Fathermoh, Unspoken Salaton and Odi Wa Muranga, is slated to perform live at the Miondoko Night on Saturday, September 23rd, 2023, at   Jombaz Sports Bar & Grill, in Kilifi.

We have learnt that the said show, which will be hosted by DJ Slick and DJ Vikings, will be a Freshers Connect Party and that Joefes is set to be the main act during the event.

The theme Miondoko Night is derived from a famous hit by Rico Gang and Mbuzi Gang dubbed ‘Miondoko’, which is currently one of the biggest jams on the Gengetone scene, with over 5.7M YouTube views.

Ever since he released his debut album titled ‘Toxic’, which features ‘Confirmed’ and several other powerful jams, Joefes has been at the forefront of the Kenyan entertainment scene and is getting endless bookings to perform at various venues.

All you should do now is to get your dancing shoes and party costumes ready as we wait for September 23rd,2023, because Joefes is more than ready to bring down the roof during Miondoko Night!

However, as we await this forthcoming massive Joefes live experience, let us not forget to stream ‘Confirmed’ on YouTube; just hit the link above! 

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