Great news this week from Black Market Records is that the countdown for the release of the music video for ‘Confirmed’, a jam by Joefes featuring Fathermoh, Unspoken Salaton and Odi Wa Muranga has already kicked off!

Credible information that has just reached us from Nairobi, Kenya, indicates that the long-awaited ‘Confirmed’ video is set to be officially released on YouTube this week.

The news has already sparked great excitement among Gengetone fans across Kenya, because the lineup of artists on this track is just ‘killer’!

Believe it or not, the ‘Confirmed’ video is bound to become an instant blockbuster when it drops, because it was created with the intention to turn the Kenyan music scene upside down.

Joefess sent shockwaves throughout the Gengetone realm a few weeks back when he dropped the ‘Confirmed’ audio on YouTube and digital platforms, sparking off a raging anxiety for the video, which fans have been  pestering him to drop for a long time.

Well, now that the premiere is just a few days away, you can tap the link above to check out the trailer on YouTube, but remember, you can also enjoy the full audio also on YouTube. 

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