Sensational Ugandan teenage artist Felista Da Superstar is driving fans on Tik Tok into a wild craze with her new jam ‘Crocodile’.

Available for streaming on YouTube and all digital platforms, ‘Crocodile’ happens to be the latest blessing on the Ugandan party scene, which thousands of Felista’s fans are already grooving to.

The song has since become so popular amongst Felista’s fans, so much so that many of them have taken to doing dance challenges videos for it, which are now flooding Tik Tok.

This only means one thing; that ‘Crocodile’ is steadily gaining traction and that the brand Felista is getting implanted in the minds of thousands of her fans not only in Uganda but across the world.

As expected, thousands of her fans are already streaming the audio on YouTube and on digital platforms, which is proof that Felista has since captivated their attention.

Known for her unique blend of Afro-pop beats infused with contemporary sounds, Felista continues to make waves in the Ugandan music industry, receiving immense praise for her refreshing style and exceptional creativity.

Click the links to check out the numerous Tikk Tok dance challenges that Felista’s  fans have so far done for ‘Crocodile’.

Story By Isaac Tugume & Dj Dan Starboy

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