Cuban reggaeton star Edisson, who has out a thrilling video dubbed ‘Culpa De La Nota’, is set to perform live today, Friday, August 18, 2023, at Bar Melano’s   Hot Party.

Edisson, who is one of kingpins on the Cuban music scene, will be thrilling partiers with some of his popular songs like ‘Culpa De La Nota’, Pienso en ti’, ‘Estoy Cansado’, ‘Estoy En Talla’, ‘Baila y No Pares’, ‘Cómo Te Quiero’, ‘Me Lloran’, ‘Cai En Tu Turampa ‘ y otros.

Known for firing up the party wherever he performs, Edisson is one of the most-sought after artists in Cuba currently, because he makes fans go crazy every time he steps on stage.

His enchanting performances throughout Cuba and other parts of Southern America have made him one of the popular entertainers and a favourite for thousands of Cubans.

He has over the years built a huge fan base that is always looking out for his music and so far, his latest  studio project ‘Culpa De La Nota’ has already attracted over 15K YouTube views, indicating a big response from his fans.  Don’t miss enjoying Edisson as he performs  tonight at Bar Melano’s  but as you wait for the show, be sure to hit the link above to stream ‘Culpa De La Nota’ on YouTube!

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