Due to public demand, Ugandan artists Daddy Andre and Nina Roz are set to release the video for their latest blockbuster song titled ‘Fertilizer’, which they dropped a few days ago.

Sources from Black Market Records indicate that the much-awaited video, which will definitely blow away everyone’s mind, is slated to be released this week!

Now, this is great news for Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s fans, because thousands of them are eagerly awaiting this video to drop, especially after treating the audio to a standing ovation.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz dropped the ‘Fertilizer’ audio 10 days ago and the song has since triggered off a streaming frenzy from many of their fans on YouTube, whereby it is trending and boasts of over 98K views.

The massive reception that fans have treated the ‘Fertilizer’ audio to only indicates one thing; that their thirst for the video cannot be quenched!

Meanwhile, it should be noted that the lyric video for ‘Fertilizer’ is already available on YouTube for streaming.

However, as we wait for the official video to be released, make sure you click the link to stream ‘Fertilizer’ on YouTube, because it is one of the hottest bangers in Uganda currently.

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