True love is a rare thing and actually very few people in the world understand the meaning of this phrase; but if you want to know what it means, then pay attention to ‘Fertilizer’, a thrilling jam by Daddy Andre and Nina Roz.

With this song, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz want their fans to know that true love really exists, and that no one should give up on searching for it, no matter how long they take to find it.

Infused with captivating vocals, irresistible melodies, and rhythmic beats, ‘Fertilizer’ is a studio project that leaves whoever listens to it feeling like there’s something missing in their life, thanks to romance and seduction that Daddy Andre and Nina Roz radiate as they perform this track.

Oozing lots of passionate chemistry, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz literary tempt fans to ensure that their ‘Fertilizers’ are close by whenever the song is playing, because of the nostalgia they arouse in the hearts of the listeners.

Believe it or not, Daddy Andre and Nina Roz skillfully manifest their shared commitment to crafting music that deeply resonates with global audiences and because of this, ‘Fertilizer’ has so far attracted over 384K YouTube views, which is just the beginning of its rather very long entertaining journey across the globe!

We thus urge you to stream the  video on YouTube; just hit the link above.

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