Fathermoh’s thrilling collabo with Shekina Karen dubbed ‘Dai Dai’ is still going strong on YouTube and as you read this, the video is headed for 3M views!

Currently at over 2.9M views, ‘Dai Dai’ emerges as one of Fathermoh and Shekina’s most successful studio projects, reason why the video has been streamed by millions of people over time.

‘Dai Dai’ became very popular shortly after its release, mainly because it is a song with a storyline of a couple that gets problems because the woman is always sneaking away from home to go partying without her man, yet she claims to love him so much.

It is a song that aims at highlighting the challenges faced by most people who are in relationships today, especially the youth, plus how to overcome them.

Being a song about a relatable real life situation made ‘Dai Dai’ a very famous Gengetone piece, which still rocks Kenyan music enthusiasts to date.

Although they never expected it to become this big, ‘Dai Dai’ has surprised not only fans but also Fathermoh and  Shekina, because it stands out as a remarkable testament to  the fact that magic abounds whenever these two team up on any song.

Tap the  link to stream the video so that we can take ‘Dai Dai’ to 3M views and more!

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