Love is a powerful feeling and every woman who finds that special someone who not only loves but also understands her emotions is blessed; this is the message Emilian Starz delivers through her new single titled ‘Dictionary’.

This is because the emotional confidence this kind of feeling arouses in every woman’s heart and mind is not only unexplainable but also so out of this world.

‘Dictionary’ is a very reflective song that serves as a heartfelt tribute to those lovers who completely understand each other’s emotions, and always know the right button to press whenever they want to turn each other on.

 Through this song Emilian Starz endeavours to emphasize the significance of mutual understanding, love, loyalty, and support in a relationship.

With ‘Dictionary’, which is just three days old on the market and has over 15K YouTube views so far, Emilian Starz takes us on a lyrical journey through the world of sweet sensations and passionate feelings, making it so irresistible to venture into.

She paints a vivid picture of what every woman wants in her man and it is a powerful reminder that partners have to understand each other from A-Z if they are to enjoy a perfect relationship.

Go stream ‘Dictionary’ on YouTube now by clicking the link above.

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