The latest good thing to happen to the Cuban music industry is Reggaeton star Edisson, who has out a monstrous jam dubbed ‘Cai En Tu Turampa’.

With ‘Cai En Tu Turampa’, which is attracting several views on YouTube, Edisson establishes himself as one of the hardest dancehall artists in the Cuban music game, and proves that he is bound to take Reggaeton even higher every other time he drops a new song.

Created with an international dancehall touch, there’s no denying that with ‘Cai En Tu Turampa’,  Edisson is here to dominate the entertainment scene, despite being a ‘new kid’ on the block.

‘Cai En Tu Turampa’ is a studio project that makes a huge statement, thanks to Edisson’s relentless effort at releasing captivating songs every time he goes to the studio.

Actually, Edisson is already making great strides on the Cuban entertainment scene with ‘Ca En Tu Turampa’ and it won’t be long before he becomes the talk of Havana, because this song is simply epic.

‘Cai En Tu Turampa’ is already available for streaming on YouTube and there is no reason why you shouldn’t stream it by tapping the link above.

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