Talented dancehall artist El Nandiva, who has out new banger dubbed ‘Pipi’, is giving his fans in Cuba all reasons to go partying.

‘Pipi’, available on YouTube for streaming, is one of the songs booming at nightclubs, bars and on the streets of Cuba, thanks to El Nandiva, who makes this tune a blast!  

His smooth flowing style, coupled with captivating lyrics, make ‘Pipi’ a song that everyone finds themselves listening to, whether they intended to or not.    

Being his first major solo project, ‘Pipi’ is a song that officially unveils El Nandiva onto the Cuban music scene as a musician who is determined to conquer and dominate the industry.

Coming in with lots of energy and great vibes, El  Nandiva is poised to bring about a fresh feel to Cuban Reggaeton music, reason why several fans are paying attention to his music.  

With ‘Pipi’, El Nandiva sends a message throughout the Cuban entertainment industry that he is the artist to keep eyes on, because he comes with potential to top music charts very soon.

The best thing to do right now is to click the link above so that you can stream ‘Pipi’ on YouTube, to have a firsthand experience of  this jam.

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