Sweet-voiced Ugandan artist Emilian Starz is winning herself thousands of hearts, thanks to her latest jam dubbed ‘Dictionary’, which is fast-making her a darling to thousands of people.

Released on YouTube six days ago, ‘Dictionary’ is a song that stimulates soothing sensations for every listener, making them want to feel the way Emilian Starz feels as she performs this track.

If you actually pay close attention to this song you will realize that everything about it is articulate and well-thought out, with a message to pass across; the need to appreciate your partner, if they love, care for you and understand your emotions well so they never hurt your feelings.

Emilian Starz didn’t just put out this studio project simply because she could sing; she thought about every single line that’s in ‘Dictionary’ and the important aspect of the song is that it is relevant today, especially when it comes to couples in relationships.

Once you’re done listening to ‘Dictionary’, you won’t help but give a shout-out to Emilian Starz whenever and wherever you can do it from, because with ‘Dictionary’, she gives her audience something entertaining to ponder on for a long time.Tap the link above to stream ‘Dictionary’ on  YouTube, where the song has already garnered over 15K views and still counting.

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