Emilian Starz has become the true embodiment of sweet seduction, thanks to her latest single dubbed ‘Toola’, which features Angella Katatumba.

Loosely translated from vernacular to mean ‘take all you want’ in English, there is no better description of a tentative seductress than ‘Toola’, because Emilian Starz makes it  clear that she is ready to serve her man all the love and romance she has in stock for him.

Through her artistic creativity, Emilian Starz gives her audience the opportunity to embrace the beauty of her voice as she takes them on a romantic journey with the deepest of emotions.

The relatable lyrics of the song coupled with captivating melodies provide a sensational sanctuary for the audience, thereby offering them solace in this all-time masterpiece.

Powerful enough to captivate thousands of hearts,  ‘Toola’ is a song that evokes the most profound of emotions in anyone who listens  to it and because of this, many people have taken to streaming it  on YouTube.

It is actually a sanctuary for people in love, because almost every man dreams of falling in love with a woman like Emilian Starz, who is ready to surrender everything to him.

If you haven’t streamed ‘Toola’ on YouTube yet, we wonder what you’re waiting for. Just click the link!

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