‘Toola’ By Emilian Starz ft. Angella Katatumba

If you have never met a woman who is ready to surrender her everything to you, whereby she just says; ‘Toola’, or ‘take everything you want’, then you haven’t enjoyed paradise yet!

But, Boy Child, fret not, because Ugandan songbird Emilian Starz, a very seductive goddess, is willing to give more than you can even ever finish up.

She is ready to surrender wholly to you, only if you got what it takes to have her; all you got to do is have the courage to take everything that she has to dish out.

So, dude,  the moment she says ‘Toola’, make sure you’re ready for what she’s serving you and to find out more about the steamy package she rz is serving, just tap  the link below;

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