Ugandan songstress Emilian Starz is out to take fans on a thrilling romantic journey with her latest single dubbed ‘Toola’, which features Angella Katatumba.

With the animated video for the song dropping on YouTube tomorrow, there is no way anyone can escape this passionate escapade, because it is simply irresistible!

‘Toola’ is a harmonious musical piece that tempts every listener into an immersive listening experience that remains imprinted in their memory the very first time they listen to the song.

But the animated video is bound to make ‘Toola’ even more enjoyable, because it comes with lyrics to the ballad, thereby making the song even more exhilarating.

Emilian Starz’s seductive vocals and vibrant rhythm create a dynamic backdrop that effortlessly elevates the song’s energy and impact, hence making it so infectious.

Through ‘Toola’, Emilian Starz offers her audience a song with a timeless theme and a universal appeal, which makes it transcend all boundaries, because, just like they say; love knows no boundary!

Make sure you are among the first people to stream her animated video when it premieres tomorrow by tapping the link above.

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