Kenyan music maestros Exray Taniua and Mejja  are literary raising heat on the Gengetone scene with their massive collabo titled ‘Pesa Ndogo’, which  has become one of the hottest joints in East Africa currently.

With 128K YouTube views just two days after its release, ‘Pesa Ndogo’, is already trending at No.#10 among the Hottest 30 new songs in Kenya, which highlights the fact that Exray and Mejja are indeed a ‘deadly’ combination.

Actually,  thousands of fans who have already streamed the video on YouTube or watched it on TV contend that with this jam, Exray and Mejja prove that they are the kings of memorable rhymes, because they always have something fresh  for the audience.

Meanwhile, ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is not only making news in Kenya but has since crossed over to Tanzania too, where fans are already feeling the heat the song is raising on their  party scene.

A Tanzanian Gengetone fan only identified as Officialmutrahlg2484, commented thus after streaming the video on YouTube; “Mobu love mejja from Tanzania.”

This indicates one thing; that although it is originally from Kenya, ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is soon becoming an East African hit!

Don’t wait for others to tell you about ‘Pesa Ndogo’ when you can stream the video yourself on YouTube by clicking the link above!

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