All fans of Exray Taniua should be on standby, because  he will officially unveil his pulsating collabo with Mejja dubbed ‘Pesa Ndogo’, on Ktn TV, this Saturday, starting at 11:00Am.

Exray is this week’s guest artist on Ktn’s Str8-Up show,   which is hosted by popular Tv personalities Claudia and JoedeBest.

Besides unleashing ‘Pesa Ndogo’ on Ktn TV however, Exray will also share with millions of viewers all about his music career, what he has been up to  ever since he released his superhit ‘Sipangwingwi’, plus his life as a father, because his girlfriend gave birth to their firstborn a few months ago.

Currently trending on YouTube at No#08 with over 373K views, ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is one of the jams that almost every Kenyan is grooving to, because it’s such a great vibe!

Being a song that attempts to depict the hustler’s life that most people in Africa face has enabled ‘Pesa Ndogo’ to sink in well with hundreds of thousands of Gengetone fans, who are fervently streaming the video on YouTube.

Others have resorted to getting glued on their favourite radio and TV stations daily, hoping it will be played.Go stream ‘Pesa Ndogo’ on YouTube now by clicking the link above if you haven’t experienced this great jam yet.

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