The Beni Boyz, a talented singing duo in Uganda, are making news around the country with their latest single titled ‘Fake’, a song with an infectious rhythm and astute wordplay, which make it an instant crowd-pleaser.

A song that is beating many odds in the Ugandan music industry especially because the Beni Boyz are new on the entertainment scene, ‘Fake Love’ is a hard-hitting joint that has become irresistible for thousands of their fans.

This is especially because the song highlights the fact that love is no longer a free and mutual understanding between two people like it used to be back then, because nowadays it is for sale.

They make it known to the world that these days most women only offer love in exchange for monetary or other material gains, a phenomenon that has led to the crumbling of many relationships, especially among the youths.

 The track delves into themes of love, materialism, lust, vanity  and self-discovery, encouraging listeners, especially men, to reflect upon their relationships so as to find out whether the relationship they are in is based on mutual understanding and love or money.

You too can find out whether or not you are a victim of fake love by tapping the link to stream the song on YouTube.

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