If you have not yet listened to a song that will make you stop a moment, so that you can delve into some self-reflection, then you haven’t come across ‘Fake Love’ by Beni Boyz.

‘Fake Love’ is a very touching song, which the Beni Boyz use as a reminder to men that genuine love is very scarce nowadays and that the only love available is fake, because women are mainly driven by money.

This studio project stands strong as a testament to their  incredible talent, dedication, and ability to captivate audiences with their powerful storytelling.

Despite being new to the Ugandan music industry,  the Beni Boyz continue to evolve and push boundaries, with intent to carve out  their own legacy.

They are also inspiring a new generation of artists in East Africa to create music that resonates with the complexities of the world around them, reason why they decided to focus on love in this song.

Actually, their ability and willingness to experiment with different sounds while maintaining a distinct style  has  enabled Beni Boyz to take their music career to another level within a short time, without compromising  their lyrical integrity.

 Click the link to stream ‘Fake Love’ on YouTube but keep in mind that the video is dropping anytime soon and you don’t want to miss  it when it drops.

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