Budding Ugandan songbird Felista Di Superstar, who has out a new tune dubbed ‘Crocodile’, has since become an icon for talented, upcoming young musicians all over the country, who aspire to emulate her.

Blessed with exceptional creativity and the ability to craft lyrics literally from any situation around her, Felista Di Superstar is out to let all artists in Uganda know that in music everything is possible.

Felista Di Superstar’s new jam ‘Crocodile’, which has caught the attention of both the old and young, has become a living testimony to her outstanding musical prowess.

Right from its powerful opening to its thrilling climax, Felista Di Superstar takes listeners on an unforgettable journey of a kindergarten rhyme remolded as a tantalizing party song with infectious beats.

With ‘Crocodile’ Felista Di Superstar continues to push the boundaries of Ugandan music and through doing this she solidifies her position as a visionary artist who is poised on ensuring that her influence is filled throughout the industry.

Actually, music analysts contend that through her music, Felista Di Superstar has over time mastered the art of creating an immersive experience that lingers in the minds and hearts of her audience.Get ready to be thrilled by Felista  Di Superstar; just tap the link to stream the video on YouTube.

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