Felista Di Superstar, one of Uganda’s youngest musicians, has literary risen to the occasion with her latest offering dubbed ‘Crocodile’, available on YouTube.

A very fascinating song, ‘Crocodile’ not only cements Felista Di Superstar’s name on the Ugandan music scene, but also makes it known to everyone that she is one of the artists that must be protected like an endangered species, because she is definitely one of a kind.

With ‘Crocodile’, Felista takes her artistry to an entirely new level, diving headfirst into the deepest corners of human social experience, unafraid to explore the complexities of life, in a bid to put a smile on people’s faces.

With this studio project, Felista delivers for her audience a song that instantly gets everyone groovy the moment it starts playing and because of this, the ‘Crocodile’ video has so far attracted over 21K YouTube views, an indication that the song continues to expand her fan base.

Despite being a very young musician, Felista has for long been celebrated for their unique style that combines introspective storytelling with hard-hitting dance-party themes.

These are characters that make her music highly palatable to thousands of her fans both in Uganda and abroad, just like the case is with ‘Crocodile’.Go ahead and stream this stunning video on YouTube by clicking the link above.

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