Juvenile dancehall artist Felista Di Superstar’s latest single dubbed ‘Crocodile’ is the kind of song you need to get fully immersed in if you are to enjoy it.

This is because with ‘Crocodile’ Felista Di Superstar takes her fans on a thrilling adventurous journey that requires everyone to delve into so as to experience the thrill!

Felista’s passion for Afro-pop music and desire to create intercultural connections through music is evident in ‘Crocodile’, because  it is a song that surpasses all forms of musical boundaries.

Actually, through ‘Crocodile’, Felista hopes to expand her horizons, broaden her musical knowledge, and establish a meaningful relationship with her audience, because she makes it known that her purpose in the industry is simply to entertain fans.

Indeed, her creativity is paying off, because ‘Crocodile’ has already gained massive popularity on YouTube, with over 20K fans streaming the music video.

Believe it or not, ‘Crocodile’ is a high-energy track  through which Felista blends different musical styles into one jam that has since become a favourite for thousands of her fans.

Let’s show this talented youngster support by tapping the link  to stream ‘Crocodile’ on YouTube.

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