Daddy Andre and Nina Roz released a very hypnotizing jam on the Ugandan waves titled ‘Fertilizer’, which has since become a must-play everywhere in the country.

A song that immediately fascinates whoever listens to it, ‘Fertilizer’ is a mixture of seduction, passionate chemistry and true depiction of emotional stability.

Like most of their songs, ‘Fertilizer’, which has attracted over 359K YouTube views and still counting, is another all-time classic from Nina Roz and Daddy Andre.

This is because whereas the studio project is attracting hundreds of thousands of YouTube views, it also continues to dominate music charts on various TV stations across the country.

Currently, ‘Fertilizer’ ranks at No#01 on Baba TV’s Top 10 Hits in Uganda, yet it also features prominently on countdowns and playlists for numerous other TV stations.

That however, goes without mentioning that ‘Fertilizer’ has also become a sensation for most radio stations, because it is one of the most requested songs by listeners lately.

Performed with a sense of raw authenticity, ‘Fertilizer’ is a sweet melody that captures the energy and emotions of every listener, making them want to play the song over and over again.

Well, the good news is that you can click the link above to stream ‘Fertilizer’ on YouTube and remember, tapping the replay button is allowed!

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