Thee Exit Band, a renowned Kenyan group, have out a video for their latest single dubbed ‘For Real’, which has got people talking, because it is a very fascinating love song.

The video depicts two people that fall in love with each other during their youthful age and live together in a perfect relationship that sees them into their elderly years.

We all know that such couples are rare to come by nowadays  but with ‘For Real’, Thee Exit Band wants everyone to know that true love still exists and that lovers can enjoy it if they mutually understand each other.

Now airing on TV stations across Kenya and being widely streamed on YouTube, ‘For Real’ is the perfect love story for every couple, anywhere in the world.

Actually, with this video, Thee Exit Band wants their fans to know and appreciate the magic that true love does in people’s lives, especially when both partners in a relationship realise that what they have is ‘For Real’!  

This track is so dope that it tempts everyone in a relationship to make sure that what they get from their partner is ‘For Real’, and it’s because of this that several people are getting hooked to it.

If you haven’t watched the ‘ For Real’ video on your favourite TV station don’t worry, because you can stream the video on YouTube by tapping  the link above.

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