If you’ve never fallen in real love, or you are thinking of giving it another try but you still have second thoughts, well, you got to check out ‘For Real’, a soothing ballad by Thee Exit Band, a Kenyan group.

The passion with which Thee Exit Band perform this song makes everyone who listens to it feel like falling in love again, because they depict what it really means for one to be in a relationship that is ‘For Real’.

It is true that people in relationships seldom find themselves in situations where they say; ‘yeah, now this is for real’.

But when someone reaches the point of realizing that their relationship is for real, the best thing to do thereafter is to get committed and ensure they never lose it.

This is exactly the ultimate message that Thee Exit Band attempt to deliver in ‘For Real’, a song that is melting hearts everywhere it gets played, because it’s so soul-touching.

With ‘For Real’, Thee Exit Band definitely take their music beyond Kenyan borders, because like we all know; love is a universal language and every topic about it attracts attention, the way this song is already doing on YouTube and the airwaves.

Anyways, why wait for someone to tell you all about ‘For Real’ when you can stream the song on YouTube by just tapping the link above?  

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