Kenyan group Thee Exit Band, whose latest offering dubbed ‘For Real’ is melting hearts everywhere, have vowed to stage a show at the Kuna Kuna Festival, which many of their fans  will live to remember for years to come.

Thee Exit Band is slated to perform ‘For Real’ and several of their other great jams during the Kuna Kuna Festival, which will be held on September 02, 2023 at Spykerz Lounge in Malaba.

Hosted by Sheen Prezoo, the Kuna Kuna festival will be a showcase of Thee Exit Band’s musical might, during which they will treat partiers to some of their popular jams like; ‘Mapenzi Raha’, ‘Popo’, ‘Pombe’, ‘Love’, ‘Things In Ma Mind’, ‘Nenda’, to mention but a few.

It should however be noted that their latest release ‘For Real’, which is a sensational love ballad, has since caught the attention of very many people, especially those who believe in true love and commitment.

The song, which is so far available as an audio on YouTube and digital platforms, is one of the jams doing rounds on the Kenyan entertainment scene  lately and because of this, Thee Exit Band has been kept in the limelight, reason why they have since been hired to perform at the Kuna Kuna festival.

It goes without mentioning that Thee Exit Band featured on Vic West’s monster hit dubbed ‘Kuna Kuna’, together with Fathermoh, Savara and Brandy Maina and it’s from the song that the title Kuna Kuna Festival was coined.

You got to be at the Kuna Kuna Festival if you know  the real meaning of the phrase ‘partying from dusk till dawn;  but in the meantime, tap the link above to stream ‘For Real’ on YouTube.

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