Today all roads lead to Afrikana Sports Bar in Fort Portal, where Kenyan singing group Thee Exit Band, who have out a new video dubbed ‘For Real’, are slated to perform live during the Toxic Friday night party.

Thee Exit Band, who are in Uganda for a few days before they return to Kenya, decided to perform live in Fort Portal tourism city as a way of showcasing their musical prowess to Ugandans, especially those with a knack for Kenyan music.

Comprising three talented singers who include; Maxwell Otieno, Meltas Javan Juma and Kelvin Athumani, Thee Exit Band is a group that is building a reputable brand in the East African music industry.

Their latest single titled ‘For Real’, which is a sensational love ballad, has since caught the attention   of a huge audience across the region.

Actually, this week their video ‘For Real’, which is just a few days old on the market, made it to KU TV’s Mbchi Za Wiiki Countdown, which features the hottest five new jams of the week in Kenya, which means that it appeals to many people.

Don’t miss  being a part of  Thee Exit Band live experience this Friday at Afrikana Sports Bar, although you should also remember to stream their video on  YouTube by tapping the link above.   

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