Thee Exit Band, the Kenyan singing group behind ‘For Real’, a charming, sweet love ballad, are slated to perform live at the Kuna Kuna Festival, which will be held on September 2nd, 2023, at Spykeyz Lounge in Malaba.  

The name Kuna Kuna Festival was coined from Vic West’s monster hit dubbed ‘Kuna Kuna’, on which Thee Exit Band featured together with Brandy Maina, Fathermoh and Savara.

During the said festival, Thee Exit Band are set to officially unveil their latest single dubbed ‘For Real’ with a massive live performance of this mind-blowing jam.

Besides ‘For Real’ however, Thee Exit Band will also thrill the audience with some of their other popular jams like; ‘Popo’, ‘Love’, ‘Mapenzi Raha’, among others.

We have also established that although Thee Exit Band are the main act at the Kuna Kuna Festival, the event will also feature great live performances from a lineup of several other Kenyan artists.  

Ever since they released ‘For Real’, Thee Exit Band, who also have collabos with several other big-name Kenyan artists, have been on the lips of almost everyone who has a knack for their sensational, soothing music.

So, come September 2nd, 2023, all roads will be leading to Spykeyz Lounge in Malaba for the Kuna Kuna Festival. 

But in the meantime, hit the link to stream ‘For Real’ on YouTube as you eagerly wait to be thrilled by Thee Exit Band in a massive live performance!

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