Thousands of Ugandans all over the country are grooving to ‘Fertilizer’, a new, smashing-hot banger by Nina Roz, featuring Daddy Andre.

Now available on YouTube and all digital streaming platforms, ‘Fertilizer’ is a song selling like hot cake in Uganda, since everyone wants to have a piece of it.

‘Fertilizer’, which is being streamed by thousands of fans, is already trending at No#12 on YouTube, among the hottest new songs in Uganda, just a few hours after its premiere.

This means that the track is already proving to be a massive comeback for both Nina Roz and Daddy Andre to the limelight of Uganda’s entertainment industry.

Already on the playlists of several DJs at hangouts across the country, ‘Fertilizer’ is a jam that has the potential to rock Ugandans for a long time to come.

Although Nina Roz and Daddy  Andre have worked on several successful studio projects in the past, ‘Fertilizer’ proves yet again that  instant magic happens  whenever they hook up to work on a song together.

The seduction that Nina Roz exudes as she performs this song, yearning for Daddy Andre to fertilize her, portrays a very intense chemistry between them, which easily transmits to the audience, thereby making Fertilizer an all-time classic!

Stream the song on YouTube by clicking the link above!

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