‘Gongo’, a new, blistering tune by Iphoolish featuring Fathermoh and Thee Exit Band, is a song that literally blows away everyone who experiences it.

One of the tracks on his latest album titled ‘Yinga’, this is an exhilarating club banger that is simply off the hook, because of being such a pulsating tune!

Although Iphoolish didn’t expect ‘Gongo’ to become as big as it is now, the song has surprised him and his colleagues by becoming one of the movers and shakers on the Gengetone scene.

With ‘Gongo’ Iphoolish takes his audience on an adventurous musical journey, during which he exhibits a high level of lyrical confidence and willingness to experiment with different styles of music.

Although he is a member of famous Kenyan singing group Mbuzi Gang, Iphoolish seeks to let the world know through this track that he is still on top of his game.

Mbuzi Gang has over time been celebrated for their unique style that combines introspective storytelling with hard-hitting social commentary, a style that has helped Iphoolish and his colleagues to produce music that millions of their fans easily identify with.

Go stream ‘Gongo’ on YouTube by clicking the link above, because this is the kind of Gengetone banger that you just can’t gloss over, believe it or not!

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