The weekend is here and we all know this is a time for partying, reason why Exray and Mejja decided to unveil for partiers a head-pounding jam dubbed ‘Pesa Ndogo’, which many Kenyans are  vibing to nowadays.

With over 956K YouTube views so far and still counting, there is no doubt at all about whether ‘Pesa Ndogo’ has been accepted by Kenyans or not; it’s just so obvious now that the song is already a mega hit!

The kind of song that can give you a cardiac arrest if you don’t control your excitement, ‘Pesa Ndogo’ is not only meant to entertain but to also open people’s eyes  especially about what is happening around  them,  reason why hundreds of thousands of fans have embraced it.

Actually, everyone who appreciates Kenyan music knows that Exray and Mejja are formidable musical forces to reckon with, because every time any of them sets their mind on doing a song, it becomes instant gold.

Believe it or not, if you haven’t listened to this track yet, you ought to check it out now, because this is one rejuvenating jam that is getting massive attention from both fans and airwaves  all over Kenya; just tap the link above to stream the video on YouTube.

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