Get ready to be taken on a thrilling, love-filled adventure by Kenyan songstress Teslah, through her new song dubbed ‘Hubby’, which features Ndovu Kuu.

A very lively duet, ‘Hubby’ is now available on Spotify, Deezer, Audiomack, Mdundo and other digital streaming platforms.

Although Teslah has released several songs over time, ‘Hubby’ comes with all indications of becoming an all-time masterpiece, especially because it promotes the family structure in society.

With lots of humility and affection, Teslah wants her hubby to know that she chose him from the millions of men in this world, reason why she is ready to give him all the loving and caring that there can ever be.

‘Hubby’ is the kind of song every husband would like to hear his wife sing to him daily, because it suits everyone in a relationship.

Actually, every man who has found that woman who brings out the hubby in them will easily relate to this song, because it sends out a very clear message to everyone.

What’s even more important is that with this song, Teslah not only sings to her fans in Kenya but also the entire world, because the message in ‘Hubby’ is important for the entire globe.

Go stream ‘Hubby’ either on Spotify or any other digital platforms of your choice now; just tap the link!  

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