Kenyan songbird Teslah’s new collabo with Ndovu Kuu dubbed ‘Hubby’, which dropped this week on digital platforms, is literary driving Tik Tok users   crazy.

The rate at which ‘Hubby’ is performing on Tik Tok makes everyone believe that its release was long overdue, because Teslah’s fans are treating the jam to overwhelming reception.

Hundreds of fans from Kenyan and other parts of the world are already flooding Tik  Tok with dance challenges for ‘Hubby’, which alone indicates that the song has since captured immense attention.

The most captivating thing about ‘Hubby’ is that Teslah blends the song with themes like love, faithfulness and loyalty for her husband, which when coupled with her desire to have a stable relationship makes the whole song a complete package for anyone in love with someone anywhere in the world.

This song, which portrays a young couple that’s trying to settle down, also highlights Teslah’s transition from being merely a singing girl into an artist who has attained lyrical maturity and is ready to be an example for others to follow.  

Go stream ‘Hubby’ on Spotify by tapping the link above, although the song is also for streaming on other digital platforms and will soon debut on YouTube.

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