Kenyan songbird Teslah, who has out a hot video dubbed ‘Hubby’ ft. Ndovu Kuu, is set to release a new collabo with Unspoken Salaton and Ugandan dancehall artist Legion East dubbed ‘Drop’!

A very energetic party tune, ‘Drop’, which is the ultimate East African collabo, will debut on YouTube and all digital platforms sooner than anyone can even anticipate.

This is because credible sources within Black Market Records intimate that recording and mastering the jam has already been done and what remains now is the artists agreeing with the label on the exact release date for the song.

It should however be noted that news about the forthcoming release of ‘Drop’ has put the whole of East Africa on tenterhooks, because what fans know is that this combination is deadlier than Ebola & COVID-19 combined!

However, as we wait for the release of ‘Drop’, it is imperative to note that Teslah’s latest project ‘Hubby’, which premiered last week on YouTube, is already being streamed by thousands of fans.    

Actually, teaming up with Ndovu Kuu enabled Teslah to create something that is truly exceptional and it’s because of this that ‘Hubby’ has since been widely accepted not only in Kenya but also across the region!

Therefore, make sure to tap the link above so as to stream ‘Hubby’  on YouTube as  we wait for ‘Drop’ to be released.

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