Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Mafia, who recently outed a song dubbed ‘Money Love’, is calling upon all youths across Africa to hustle for their dough, just like he does.

In this very powerful jam which is available on YouTube and digital platforms, Kwesi Mafia’s main message for the youth is to ensure that they work hard to get paid, instead of catching feelings for people who don’t love them.

Actually, in ‘Money Love’, Kwesi Mafia reminds everyone who wants to live a good  life on earth that they need money, not emotions, because only he who has the dough has the power.

In other words, much as he is out to entertain, Kwesi Mafia also reminds fans that his music isn’t just all about grooving and having fun as they listen to it, but that they should also pick the very important message behind it, because it’s vital for their survival and success in life.  

Therefore, through ‘Money Love’, Kwesi Mafia speaks out not only to the youth in Ghana but also multitudes of people around the world who wake up every day to hustle for the dough, with hopes of changing their lives for the better.

Take this moment to tap the link above so that you can stream ‘Money Love’ on YouTube now, although it is also available on digital platforms. 

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