Kenyan artists iPhoolish, Fathermoh and Thee Exit Band have teamed up on a new massive Gengetone tune dubbed ‘Gongo’, which premiered on YouTube today.

Another banger on the airwaves courtesy of Black Market Records, ‘Gongo’ is a thrilling party jam that is already firing up the Kenyan entertainment scene.

‘Gongo’ is basically a song that attempts to portray the street life that most Kenyan youth lead, which is characterized by hustling, partying, boozing and living life to the fullest.

A jam that highly appeals to the young generation, ‘Gongo’ is a Gengetone masterpiece that will surely mashup dancehalls all over Kenya, especially because of the simplicity and unique style with which the artists perform this track.

Fresh and hot on the market, ‘Gongo’ is a profound offering that is already sending shockwaves throughout the Gengetone realm, leaving fans and critics alike nodding in approval about the song being so dope!

However, you cannot experience this song’s greatness unless you spare a moment to click the link above, so that you can stream the jam on YouTube.

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