Joefes has dropped the visualizer for his heart-throbbing Gengetone jam dubbed ‘Is It Just Me’, on which he teams up with rapper Unspoken Salaton.

The visualizer, which is meant to arouse your appetite for the official video, is now causing a buzz on YouTube, where Gengetone fans have taken to streaming it massively.

‘Is It Just Me’ is a song through which Joefes and Unspoken Salaton attempt to stir self-reflection amongst their fans, wondering if they too, sometimes find themselves around people doing strange things in life, which others don’t find unusual.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you find yourself among people doing things that others don’t find weird, yet you do?

So, in essence you wonder; ‘Is it just me’ who thinks this is abnormal or unusual?

Well, that’s the exact scenario Joefes and Unspoken Salaton paint for you in this song and, believe it or not, you have definitely experienced this kind of situation.

‘Is It Just Me’ comes off Joefes’ latest album dubbed ‘Toxic’, which is available on YouTube and all digital platforms.

Click the link to stream the visualizer on YouTube now!

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