Mbuzi Gang member Joefes has returned to the music scene with a fresh banger dubbed ‘Fadhela’, which dropped a few days ago and is already attracting massive streaming on YouTube.

‘Fadhela’, which is a Gengetone thriller, is a song about a guy who leaves the village and goes to the city (Nairobi), but instead of living a purposeful life, he gets influenced by girls and drugs, before he eventually gets totally wasted.

Although it is a danceable song, ‘Fadhela’ is also a piece of advice especially for several youths around East Africa and other countries, because most of them end up being drawn into vices like drug abuse and crime  due to group influence.

In other words, whereas Joefes has always been all about dropping songs for just entertainment purposes, with ‘Fadhela’ he turns into some sort of counselor, delivering a message of reformation and turning onto a new leaf.

This is the kind of song that every parent would want their child to listen to, because Joefes brings about a message that is an eye-opener for every youth in urban centres around East Africa.

Spare a moment to tap the  link above so that you can stream the video on YouTube, because ‘Fadhela’ is a  song with something for everyone.

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